Shandong Sheng Shi Da Chemical Co., Ltd., formerly known as the 525th factory of Zibo Mining Bureau which was founded in 1970 as the state designated medium-sized civil blasting equipment manufacturer. In March 2000, the factory was transformed into a limited liability company held by Zibo Mining Group. Since 2006, in accordance with the national separation of major restructuring policy, it has been restructurd to a private enterprisethe after the withdraw of state-owned shares in October 2008.
    The company is located in Boshan Town, Boshan District,Zibo City,covering an area of 316,600 square meters, total assets of 153.44 million yuan, registered capital of 20 million yuan and Liang Jingang as the legal representative. Currently, 710 people including 131 professional and technical personnel and 4 fire worker senior engineers are employed which accounts for 18.2% of the total employee. The main products are emulsion explosives, water gel explosives and extension electric detonators, instantaneous electric detonators and detonating cord detonators of five series more than 30 varieties,among which the water plastic explosive is the exclusive production in Shandong Province.
    With adherence to “people -oriented, fine management, technology support, innovation and development”, the company concentrates on nurturing the corporate culture in the core of “responsibility, innovation, value, integrity and harmony”. After 40 years of development, it has become a civil explosive enterprise with sound management basis, complete specialized people, strong technical force, mature technology, complete detection means, stable safety and quality, winning the quality standardized premium factory, the national secondary enterprises of former Ministry of Coal and etc. Emulsion explosives developed by this company win the National Outstanding New Product Award and first prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award. Fast foaming technology of emulsion explosives won the Coal Industry and Technology Progress Award of Shandong province. Various explosives and detonators won the national invention patent. In 2003, passing the one management system certification of the three certificates of quality, environment and occupational health and safety, the company has achieved safe production for 21 years.
    In order to improve the safe production levels of civil explosive, the company actively implements the “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” of national civil explosive industry, intensifies the technological transformation and eliminates backward production capacity and equipment. In 2008, with the approval of Commission of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense, a new production line of full continuous, automated (including charge packaging) colloidal emulsion explosive was built with annual output amounting to 12000t and the technological content of products and safety performance reaching a new level. In 2010, in accordance with the requirement of high starting-point and standard, standing in the height of the highest level and selecting the most advanced technology, process, equipment and production method, the company invested more than 40 million on the 85th detonator production line and carried out technology transformation, which essentially improved the safe production condition.
    In recent years, with conscientious implement of national industrial policies and shift of economic growth, in order to completely change the single production and operation mode of civil explosive materials and adhere to the road of diversified development, the company successively holds Zibo Yuan Xi Explosive Materials Trading Co., Ltd., forms Sheng Shi Da Explosion Engineering Co., Ltd., participates Beijing Guo Ke An Da Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd., gradually establishing serial services of production, distribution, use, service, research and development.

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